Welcome to the nautical school division of Asconautica.


In general:

In order to obtain the Swiss motorboat driving permit (category A), one needs to pass a theoretical exam, followed by a practical exam. The minimum age required is 18 years.

Informations for signing up for the theory exam can be found here.

The theory can be studied autonomously. Alternatively to the official booklet (which also include a online access code to the questions), we recommend to download an App such as Boatdriver.

In order to prepare for the practical exam you will need driving lessons for the A-license, get in touch with our office to fix an appointment. We wish you a lot of fun and success!


Course content:

  • Theoretical introduction
  • Pier or harbor landings (10°, 45°, 90° or reverse), man overboard, buoy approach, 180° manover at the pier, and reverse around a pier
  • To moor the boat and various knots
  • Preparation to the oral exam


Course details:

  • Course participants: we recommend you sign up for private lessons, upon request you may take lessons in groups of 2 or 3
  • Dates: the appointments can be set during the entire week, including Sundays
  • Amount of lessons: according to the abilities of the student, 15 to 30 hours are required
  • Pricing: 60 minutes (including teacher, boat, fuel and insurance) is CHF 130.00


The boat

  • The school boat is an Oqueteau with 80 HP, it is possible to do your lessons in any weather (the boat is even equipped with a heater for winter time)



  • Please get in touch direktly with the instructor Adriano Meier.