Saturday 15 June 2019

Welcomme to Lago Maggiore


Welcome to Lake Maggiore!

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What is the 3 ORE DI ASCONA?

  • An event for everyone. Cruising sailors, regatta sailors and sympathizers.
  • One of the biggest regattas on Lake Maggiore (101 boats in 2014!)
  • A particular formula: the regatta’s duration is exactly 3 hours for everyone. There will, once again, be a triangular race course, which needs to be rounded as much as possible. We will not measure time, but distance traveled.
  • The slowest boats don’t have to be worried about not making it to the after race refreshments. They know exactly that at 17.00 sharp the race will come to its conclusion.
  • The ideal regatta for couples that want to sail in the bay of Ascona without having to set a spinnaker or gennaker.
  • The regatta is very popular and also frequented by European and World champions. It is an amazing opportunity for training: 3 hours of hoisting and retrieving running and reaching sails requires hard work by any kind of crew.
  • The show in the bay of Ascona is guaranteed: all the boats remain close to each other during the race.
  • The fast boats do quickly overtake the slow boats, as a result no one knows who’s in front, cause there is no front.
  • Categories: Racer up to 9m Yachts, Racer under 9m Yachts (regatta boats with spinnaker and/or gennaker), Easy up to 9m Yachts, Easy under 9m Yachts (boats with no spinnakers and/or gennakers), Single Handed (one man show), Lady (women only), easy Surprise (Surprise with no spinnaker and/or gennaker), Dinghy (minimum age: 14 years, life jacket all the time), Just for fun (only on the list, no results), categories can be changed based on the enrollment. Boatsclass with more then 5 boats.
  • Possibility to request up front photo and video material of your boat in action.
  • In the evening there will be a party with refreshments and dinner, accompanied by music, video projection and price giving. A great opportunity to meet other sailors who love Lake Maggiore.

For questions of all sorts we remain at your disposal. Mooring spots available for the event.

We would like to thank all the volunteers, sympathizers and friends for their work. A big thank you goes also to ourSponsors.




We did it again 2018!! 95 boat in front of ASCONA - SUPER sailing show for the hole piazza!!!!! 

Photos from Giorgio Marciano

Photos from Adriana Coupek

Photos from Laura Caligiuri

Photos from our Onys friends.

This is the Rankinglist 3 ORE DI ASCONA 2018

Big thanks to all sailors and our dear sponsors!

3 Ore 2017


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Pictures of 3 ORE DI ASCONA 2015 

Photos 2013


Video 2013

Rankings 2013 (PDF file) 

Invitation in italian (PDF file): Invito3ore2013

Invitation in german (PDF file): Einladung3ore2013


You are all cordially invited to participate to the 3 HOURS OF ASCONA 2013. We kindly ask you to request a written invitation, or you can download it directly in pdf format:

Invitation in italian (PDF file): Invito3ore2013

Invitation in german (PDF file): Einladung3ore2013